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545 streets of Baku were cleaned during Inspection

11 June 2023 | 15:26

According to the press service of the Baku City Executive Power, a citywide inspection of cleanliness and beautification was held in the capital on 6 June in accordance with the decision of the executive power of Baku.

Since morning hours, 545 main streets and avenues of the city were cleaned with environmentally friendly means by machines of utilities services of the Executive Power of Baku, large-scale cleaning and landscaping works were carried out at the same time.

In addition to the bodies of the Executive Power of Baku City, the teams of enterprises, departments and organizations, individual entrepreneurs and representatives of the private sector, the city residents also took part in the internal inspection.

Such inspections, covering all the districts of the capital, are a great contribution to the further improvement of Baku city.



Press Service of the Executive Power of Baku City