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Executive Page

                                 EXECUTIVE POWER OF BAKU CITY


After Baku became a provincial capital in 1860, its executive authorities
had the following names:

  • The Baku City Duma — established in 1870. One of the richest administrations in the Russian Empire.
  • The Executive Committee of the Working Deputies Council of Baku — 1939-1977
  • The Executive Committee of National Deputies Council of Baku — 1977-1991
  • The Executive Power of Baku City — 1991.

The Executive Power of Baku City is headquartered at 18, Istiglaliyet Street. The construction of the building of the Executive Power of Baku City commenced in 1900 and finished in 1904. Polish architect I. Goslavski (born in Warsaw in 1865 and died at the age of 39 in 1904. Head architect of Baku in 1892) widely used the baroque style and classic construction methods in the construction of this building. This building was the architect's last work. The facade was decorated with red brick, brought for this purpose from Italy, and coloured marble.

The central part of the building facade bears the emblem of Baku. Three golden torches in the central part of the emblem symbolize Azerbaijan as the land of fire. The first emblem of the city was confirmed in 1840.

The second emblem was accepted in 1890, the third in 1967 and the present one in 2001.