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An cleaning-day was held in the capital

02 September 2023 | 16:49


On 2 September Baku City Executive Power held a regular internal inspection on cleanliness and improvement of the central territory and settlements of the capital to maintain cleanliness and cleanliness of the city streets and avenues, parks and squares at the proper level. level and ensuring care of greenery.

Communal services washed avenues and streets, streets and roads within the locality, pavements and lampposts, roadside fences, seats in parks and recreation areas with harmless means, as well as carried out additional cleaning works by the communal services of the region covering all regions of the region. The windows and kiosks of catering, retail and other roadside facilities were also washed and the area around them cleaned.

Employees of the Baku City Greening Management Union took care of trees and greenery, washed evergreen trees, took care of lawns in green alleys and parks.

All measures necessary to maintain sanitary cleanliness of the capital will be continued.



Baku City Executive Power Press Service