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Another landscaped courtyard in Baku given for use by residents

20 June 2023 | 15:54

One more courtyard was given to residents under the project "Our yard" realized under the initiative of Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of the IDEA Public Association Leyla Aliyeva.

The renewed yard includes five-storied houses with more than 750 residents in the addresses: 146a, 148a, 150a and Najaf Narimanov 3, Azadlyg avenues, Baku city, Narimanov district.

The main objective of the project "Our Yard" is ecologically clean and landscaped yards, restoration of greenery, which is a mainstay of urban ecology, the formation of healthy lifestyles, the creation of safe and comfortable living conditions for residents.

In the neighboring courtyard, which was improved, comfortable movement of disabled and handicapped people was taken into account, and equipment supporting the development of children of different age groups was installed and playgrounds were built. At the same time, the territory was equipped with various sports facilities so that the youth could effectively spend their free time and form the habit of doing sports. Also in the yard were installed 6 chats, numerous seats, bird nests and cat houses.


In the residential area were installed New lighting poles and surveillance cameras, the facades and blocks of buildings were completely repaired, the asphalt and roofing were renewed, the old block windows were replaced with new metal-plastic ones, the electrical system was repaired, and the parking lot was equipped.

In addition to restoring the existing landscaping in the courtyard, 388 trees of different species were planted, and a green strip was laid on an area of 2,540 square meters. In addition, "green barriers" were created against air pollution by planting ivy and other climbing plants around the courtyard.

During the opening of the new courtyard, various types of trees were planted on the grounds with volunteers to draw public attention to protecting greenery, protecting the environment, and enriching the atmosphere with oxygen.