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Another tree planting action was held in the capital

30 March 2024 | 14:18

In accordance with the decree of the president of the country Mr. Ilham Aliyev on the declaration of 2024 as the “year of solidarity for the green world” in the Republic of Azerbaijan, work is underway to increase the green zones, restore the ecological balance and protect the environment in Baku.

Baku City executive power and “Regional Development” Public Union held another tree planting action on March 30 in Narimanov District of the capital.

Within the framework of the action, 600 new trees were planted, selected in accordance with climatic conditions by employees of executive bodies and volunteers of the public union.

In order to contribute to the protection of the environment and the prevention of climate changes due to the threat of global climate changes and water shortages, drought-resistant plants, trees and shrubs suitable for the local climate planted in Baku.

It should be noted that today's tree planting action has covered all districts of Baku, and it is planned to continue such measures related to the greening of the capital, Green care and landscaping during the season.

The capital's public utilities simultaneously conducted internal "Subbotnik" cleaning of the city's main thoroughfares and avenues; additionally, the service's special tools was used to wash the streets and avenues with chemicals that are safe for the environment and living things.


Press Service Of Baku City Executive Power