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Another tree planting action was held in Baku

21 October 2023 | 11:31

In accordance with the instructions of the country leader Mr. Ilham Aliyev, work continues in the city of Baku towards increasing green belts, restoring the ecological balance and protecting the environment.

In connection with global climate changes and the threat of water shortages, drought-resistant plants, trees and shrubs as well as trees that flowering in different colors

suitable for the local climate, planting in Baku.

For this purpose, on October 21, a tree-planting action was held in “Ganjlik”, “Nizami Ganjavi” parks and other areas of the capital with the joint Organization of Baku City executive power and “Regional Development” Public Union (RIIB).

Within the framework of the action, 500 trees and shrubs selected in accordance with climatic conditions were planted in a new, different way by employees of executive authorities and volunteers of the public union.

During the season, it is planned to continue measures,  related to the care and improvement of greenery in Baku.


Press Service Of Baku City Executive Power