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Baku hosts citywide Cleaning Day

09 March 2024 | 15:47

The Subbotnik, which began in the morning with the participation of employees of Baku City executive authorities, covered all districts of the capital. Public Utilities of the city carried out washing of avenues and streets, sidewalks, curbs and lampposts, roadside railings, seats in parks and recreation areas.

Employees of public catering, trade and other facilities who joined the call of the mayor's office also took an active part , cleaning the showcases of their facilities and creating order around them. At the same time, collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations, residents of the city took an active part in cleaning day .

Employees of the Baku City Association for landscaping were washed away the dust and soil collected on the trees on the sides of the main highways and avenues, softened their bottoms, and pruned the dried branches of the trees. In connection with the season, trees and green areas were provided with agrotechnical care, natural fertilizers were provided. At the same time, new trees, shrubs, flowers suitable for the Absheron climate are planted in the urban area, green areas and lawn cover renewal is carried out in parks.   

The appliances of the Baku City communal services were washed with detergents on the main streets and avenues, and additional cleaning work was carried out by the employees in the courtyards and residential quarters, around the container areas where household waste is disposed of.

Thus, we will meet Novruz holiday in a clean city with good mood.


 Press Service Of Baku City Executive Power