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Cleaning-disinfection measures are taken in the parks of the capital

01 August 2023 | 11:42

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the country, Ilham Aliyev, new parks, forest massifs, recreational parks and gardens are being built in our capital city of Baku, and existing parks are being repaired and renewed. All conditions have been created in these parks, which serve to organise recreation of people at high level, for recreation of residents and numerous guests of our city.

On hot summer days, in order to take care of the greenery in the parks, to observe the cleanliness and sanitation rules and to organize the normal rest of our residents, various events are regularly carried out by the municipal services of the capital and the Baku City Greening Management Union, according to the order of the Baku City Executive Power.

Within the framework of these measures, employees of the municipal service carry out cleaning and disinfection activities in parks and birdhouses of the capital. First of all, sports facilities, children's entertainment equipment, existing buildings and territory adjacent to pavilions are disinfected in parks, fleas and insects are treated, tents and seats are washed, other cleaning works are carried out. Work is also carried out to clean and disinfect container sites where household waste is dumped in adjacent areas.

Employees of the Baku City Greening Management Union soften the lower part of trees in parks and wash evergreen trees. At the same time, constant care is provided for the lawn covering of green alleys and parks.

Similar cleaning and disinfection measures will be regularly carried out in parks and birdhouses of the city, in landscaped neighbourhoods, as well as all measures necessary to maintain cleanliness in parks will be continued.



Baku City Executive Power Press Service