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Consultation at the Baku City Executive Power

01 September 2023 | 11:08


A large-scale meeting with participation of heads of executive power of capital regions, representatives of executive power of capital settlements and heads of economic services of the city was held in Baku City Executive Power in Baku suburbs.

Addressing the meeting, Baku City Executive Power Head Eldar Azizov said that as a result of successful policy implemented by the president of the country Mr Ilham Aliyev, our capital has risen to a new level of qualitative development, the living and cultural level of the population has increased. Noting the cleanliness of the city's central districts, Eldar Azizov said there are a number of problems related to cleanliness in Baku's suburbs, and the main goal for the future is to bring these issues to the level of the central part of the city.

A report on monitoring conducted by BCEP in the settlements was heard and a prepared video film was shown.

During the deliberations at the meeting, which was held under serious requirements and principles, serious observations were made to the representatives of several localities as well as to the heads of DEPs and they were directed to prepare an action plan. As a result of the discussions, a warning was issued to Nadir Muradov, deputy chief of Garadagh DEP and Hajibala Babayev, deputy chief of Binagadi DEP.

Heads of Executive Powers of these districts were instructed to consider the eligibility of representative of Garadagh DEP of Mushvigabad settlement Joshgun Bayramov, Huseyn Akhundov, representative of Kyzildash settlement Zaur Gafarov, representative of Binagadi DEP M.A. Rasulzadeh, representative of Khazar DEP of Shuvelan settlement Mirzarauf Akhundov. Also 1 month was given to strengthen control over the territory, keep cleanliness issues under strict control and eliminate defects.

At the same time, it was decided to carry out an internal inspection in the capital tomorrow, 2 September.


Baku City Executive Power Press Service