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İn the capital city area held the cleaning day

10 June 2023 | 13:22

In accordance with the decision of the Executive Power of Baku city in connection with the start of the summer season and the arrival in our capital of a large number of guests and foreign tourists in the capital city area held the cleaning day on June 10.
BCEP reports that the demonstration, which began in the morning with the participation of employees of the executive power of Baku city, covered all the districts of the capital city. City municipal services washed avenues and streets, sidewalks and lampposts, roadside fences, facades of a number of buildings, recreation areas in parks and recreation areas of the city with non-harmful means.
During this event showcases, kiosks and bus stops of public catering, trade and other facilities located along the avenues and streets were washed, and the adjacent territory was cleaned. Employees of catering enterprises, stores and other facilities took an active part in washing the facades and windows of their facilities and putting in order in front of them. Collectives of enterprises, departments and organizations who joined the call of Baku City Executive Power and city residents also took an active part in this event.
Employees of the Baku City Greening Association softened the lower part of trees on the sides of the main highway and avenues, and washed the evergreen trees. At the same time, new trees, bushes and flowers appropriate to the climate of Absheron were planted in the city limits, and lawns in green alleys and parks were cared for.
The cleaning of the main streets and avenues of Baku city with detergents was carried out, and workers carried out additional cleaning works in residential houses, yards and residential areas around container yards where household waste is dumped.
Cleanliness activities were carried out in all areas of the capital during the day, and all activities necessary to keep the city clean at the required level will continue on a regular basis.