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Joint information of the Baku City Executive Power and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

03 May 2023 | 10:59

On May 3, 2023, representatives of the Executive Power of Baku City and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources inspected the Central Botanical Garden, which has undergone reconstruction and improvement.

During the inspection it was noticed that several trees had dried out from disease as a result of a recent pest infestation in the area, and it was found that some of the dried out trees had been removed and some remained. To prevent the disease from spreading to other trees, Botanical Garden management was instructed to remove the withered trees.

Upon inspection of the area, several young trees in biological development were found to have "Sooty Mildew" and "band worm." Some of them had been cut down, but not removed from the area in full, and disposal was not carried out.

All deficiencies are formalized and assigned to the garden administration to ensure the preservation and protection of greenery in the process of landscaping.

Note that after the reconstruction and landscaping of the Botanical Garden is completed, the garden will become a great example of nature for residents and visitors to the capital, where they will be able to spend their leisure time rationally.