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Meetings are held in the capital's districts

15 November 2023 | 17:33

In accordance with the instructions given at the meeting which was held in the Baku City executive power on the state of winter preparation in the capital, meetings are held in the districts of the city. Representatives from departments and organizations, the commercial sector, utilities, Economic Services, and educational institutions attend meetings conducted in the city's districts.The main purpose of the meetings was to investigate the state of preparation of the district services for cold winters, especially heavy snowfalls, and the work necessary to be done at this time was discussed.

The first meetings were held in Khatai, Nizami and Binagadi districts of the capital. Heads of departments of Baku City Executive Power, heads of utilities and other services of the city also attended the meetings. It was noted that the Baku City Executive Power appointed a person responsible for each district, who, together with representatives of local executive authorities, checked the readiness of the regions for the winter season, the implementation of the assigned tasks and the work done.

It was noted that the snowfall in the mountain regions of the country in recent days more than in previous years indicates that the winter will be harsh and rainy. In this regard, the headquarters created in the District Executive authorities in connection with the preparation for winter, the heads of communal and economic services and related organizations should be prepared for the full fulfillment of their duties on those days. The number of tools required to clear the snow, inventory, setting up a salt reserve, and assessing the state of specialized equipment were all explained to each organization. Lists of persons responsible for cleaning streets and neighborhoods in the district from snow were prepared, and it was decided to involve in these works the equipment of utility agencies, as well as existing equipment of administrations, organizations, municipal and private institutions.

Additionally, regional leaders of departments, organizations, and private institutions, municipalities, as well as public catering businesses, were urged to actively participate in maintaining their areas clean in compliance with the snowy day regulations that have been adopted in European countries.


Press Service Of Baku City Executive Power