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Preparations for the anniversary of the January 20 tragedy have been completed in Baku

19 January 2024 | 10:05

On January 19, preparations for the thirty-fourth anniversary of the January 20 tragedy were completed in the “alley of martyrs”.

The territory of the alley of martyrs is always under the control of the Baku City executive authority. Traditionally, in connection with the anniversary of the tragedy, preparations are being carried out here to mark the day of mourning, compositions of flowers of different colors have been created.  Experienced specialists and landscape designers were involved in this work. The preparatory work has already been completed.

On January 20, employees of Baku City executive authority institutions will take necessary measures to organize visits of citizens in the area of the alley. At the same time, workers of communal and household services and emergency medical teams were on duty throughout the day.