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Statement on the treatment of olive trees in the capital

28 August 2023 | 16:39

According to information provided by the Press Service of the Baku City Executive Power, an unknown bacterial disease has been detected on olive trees in different districts of the city for some time, causing some trees to wither and turn yellow.

Experts unanimously agree that this situation, mainly due to global climate change, has affected almost the entire world. In Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, which are the world's leading olive producers, many olive trees are being destroyed due to diseases.

In this regard, the Executive Power of Baku City is taking appropriate preventive measures, the condition of olive trees throughout the city has been investigated. A foreign specialist has been specially invited to Baku and large-scale measures are being taken to treat diseased trees.

At present, withered branches of olive trees are cut off in different districts of the capital, the soil is fertilised and ampoules containing special chemical preparations are administered to them. The pruning of branches and leaves of infected trees is aimed at preventing the disease from spreading to other trees.

Pruning of these trees will be carried out in autumn in order to rejuvenate olive trees.





                                                                                                    Baku City Executive Power Press Service